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Hawaii Sea Grant
Rebooting Hawai’i’s Visitor Industry
What Will Post-Covid Tourism in the Islands Look Like?

Water Worlds
Hawai‘i’s high elevation bogs are treasure troves of biodiversity

Forest of Dreams
To revive a vanishing habitat, Art Medeiros started planting it

The Return of a Rare Charismatic Bird
In 2002, the last pair of wild ‘alalā disappeared from the forest. Biologist Paul Banko is fighting to return this rare charismatic bird to the wild.

Hawai’i’s Unpronounceable Treasure
Papahānaumokuākea National Marine Monument is now the largest nature reserve on Earth.

Hawai’i’s Mysterious Water Bears
Haleakalā is considered the richest place on Earth for tiny, nearly indestructible tardigrades. Biologist Sam Gon III found 31 distinct species in just 50 sq miles.


When America’s Titans of Industry & Invention Went Road-Tripping Together
Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and their friends traveled the country in Model Ts, creating the Great American road trip in the process.

In Japan, Autumn Means a Parade of Robot Puppets
A 350-year-old festival in Takayama celebrates creativity and contains the seeds of modern robotics.

Hana Hou17.6 Cover

From a Hill on Moloka’i
For 25 years, the Ka Hula Piko festival has brought Hawai’i’s indigenous dance back to its source.  BEST ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT REPORTING, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards 2016, BEST ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT REPORTING, SPJ Hawai’i Chapter Awards 2016 [PDF]

Below the Gap
Life in wild, sparsely inhabited and starkly beautiful Kaupō [PDF]

South of the South Pacific
Tiki, taro, and tupuna–finding Polynesia in Tahiti’s Austral Islands. [PDF]

Rockefeller’s Hawai’i
Developer, environmentalist and patron of the arts Laurance Rockefeller pursue a progressive vision for Hawai’i tourism while striving to protect its natural and cultural heritage. [PDF]

‘Elepaio Enduring
& curious, Hawai’i’s little flycatcher is a surprisingly tenacious survivor [PDF]

The Little Five

A handful of 100-year-old family businesses reveal their secrets for longevity. [PDF] BEST BUSINESS REPORTING (Finalist), SPJ Hawai’i Chapter Awards 2015

The Great Diversion
The East Maui Irrigation system was one of the nineteenth century’s major feats of hydrologic engineering [PDF]

A Hawaiian in Paris

Hula teacher Kilohana Silve takes on the City of Lights. [PDF] ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT REPORTING HONORABLE MENTION, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards 2015

Higher, Faster, Harder
Pro cyclists take on Hawaiian mountains. BEST SPORTS REPORTING, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa’i Awards 2014

The Astounding, Astonishing Tavares Brothers
Two boys from Maui turn the mainland music industry on its head. ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT REPORTING HONORABLE MENTION, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards 2013

Cha, Cha, Cha Boom!
Hawaiian sensation Mary Kaye and her trio turned the Vegas of the ’50s into an all-night town. BEST ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT REPORTING (Finalist), SPJ Hawai’i Chapter Awards 2012

The Ones Who Stayed
Profiles of five individuals who navigated the nearly universal dream of moving to Hawai’i. [PDF]

Good for the Goose
Celebrating the re-introduction of the Hawaiian nēnē goose, once extinct on the island of Maui. [PDF]

The Best Little Beach Towns in Hawai’i
From the Big Island of Hawai’i to Maui, O’ahu, and Kaua’i, these colorful, laid-back spots are pure aloha.

10 Best Beaches in Hawai’i
In a place where every beach feels like the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, here are the 10 best of the best.

10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Hawai’i
The Aloha State is brimming with beauty, and these stays are tops on our list for soaking it all in.

Spirituality Health

Let There Be Dark
Exposing the dangers of light pollution. [PDF]

Mary Pipher: The Healing Power of Action
Q & A with the Nebraska activist. [PDF]

To the Sun with Love
Introduction to the yogic practice of 108 Sun Salutations. [PDF]


The Holoholo Guide to Kaua’i
The Holoholo Guide to Moloka’i
The Holoholo Guide to Lāna’i
The Holoholo Guide to Maui

2016 All-Island Restaurant Guide38 Best New Dishes and Drinks You Must Try in Hawai’i DIRECTORY, FIRST PLACE, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards 2016

100 Best Dishes and Drinks in Hawai’i DIRECTORY, SECOND PLACE, Hawai‘i Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards 2013

BEST REGIONAL & STATE CONSUMER MAGAZINE, Western Publishing Association Maggie Awards 2011

Into the House of the Sun
A millennium before Haleakala became a national park, Hawaiians traversed its moonscape crater. On the park’s centennial, we reprise that journey.

Rooting for the Wrong Side?
Wianecki Tackles the Maui’s GMO Debate.

The Heartbeat of Hula
Like choreography, gesture and chant, rhythm conveys the story.

Wild Harvest
Maui offers bees a friendly environment, and their keepers the potential for sweet rewards.

The Shaka List
25 reasons Maui rocks! [PDF]

The Lure of Limu
Hawaiian women knew the secrets of seaweeds. [PDF]

Saving the Wiliwili
Conservationists recruit unlikely heroes to defend native trees. [PDF]

Into the Source
Explore Hawaii’s creation chant. [PDF]

Rooted in Mystery
A glimpse into Pu’u Kukui, plant heaven.


For the Love of Chocolate
Pass the Pa’i’ai
The Hunter, the Chef
At the Chef’s Table: Maui Executive Catering’s Gourmet Laboratory in Ha’iku
Pigs in Paradise: Malama Farms Raises Them Right on Maui


Native Strength
In the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle, invasive species cause havoc, native forest stands tall. [PDF]


Back to Basics
Chef Sheldon Simeon brings Filipino fare to Wailea
Brave New World
Alan Wong launches a new culinary continent at Amasia

Vacations and Travel

A Taste of Aloha
Where to dine in the Aloha State

Civil Eats

Maui isn’t Wowed by GMOs


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